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"A strong, all-female cast brings these vibrant characters to Divina, Villareal depicts a reserved mother-to-be with an unexpectedly ferocious streak."

-  StageRaw

"Divina [Arianne Villareal] has a secret, and it’s not a pretty one. In the hands of lesser actors or a lesser playwright, the late reveal regarding the father of her child. . .could have come across as nothing more than a ham-handed dramatic twist, but here this truth illuminates Divina’s desperate need to deliver a healthy baby and the lengths she might go to in order to ensure that. She’s quiet most of the play . . .  [she] suffers in silences that are quite moving to observe if you’re paying attention.

  -  The Theatre Times


THE 25TH ANNUAL . . .SPELLING BEE | Actors Theatre of Indiana

"Arianne Villareal is perfect as the exceptional Marcy Park, who is especially winning in her matter of fact rendition of “I Speak Six Languages”."

-  Ken Klingenmeier, A Seat on the Aisle

"The multi-talented cast uniformly excelled at singing, acting and dancing; plus, they were all adept as comedians, with all delighting an engaged audience in performances that reflected effective rhythm, timing and pacing."

-  Tom Alvarez, On the Aisle

Arianne Villareal - 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Actors Theatre of Indiana

4000 MILES | Phoenix Theatre

"Arianne Villareal is a force as the outrageous art student and one-night stand." -  Katelyn Coyne, NUVO

"His ex-girlfriend visits. So does a potential new conquest (a breath of smartly drawn fresh air from actress Arianne Villareal). . . take your journey to the Phoenix to see what may well be the most fully realized production of the Indy theater season."

-  Lou Harry, Indianapolis Business Journal

"Arianne Villareal’s vivid performance as the over-the-top Amanda, a flirty, vivacious Chinese-American design student who Leo picks up and brings back to his grandmother’s apartment for a late-night drunken fling, was hilarious." 

-  Tom Alvarez, The Examiner

"His attempt at a one-night stand with another woman (given firecracker intensity by Arianne Villareal) fizzles. . ."  -  Jay Harvey, Upstage

Arianne Villareal - 4000 Miles, Phoenix Theatre

NoExit Performance

"I was particularly drawn to the character of Jen (played by Arianne Villareal) . . . Villareal did not miss a beat in her storytelling - her quirky ukelele songs, morphing into a dog, even a little bit of rapping, her versatility - making her a major highlight."

-  Kelsee Hankins, Mission Intrugue: Indy

"I left the theatre feeling hopeful about the future, knowing there were these creative, observant, open-minded young women – the playwright, the director, the actors - sharing their gifts in it."

-  Hope Baugh, Indy Theatre Habit

Arianne Villareal - Death for Sydney Black promo, NoExit Performance

THE PILL | Phoenix Theatre

"The Pill is. . .edgy, controversial, smart, unapologetic, funny, and. . emotionally violent. It’s psychologically visceral; its characters are real; its subject matter messy. And it’s orgasmic in its ability to blindside and entertain at the same time. . . .


Arianne Villareal portrays Dr. Pincus, a brilliant squirrel-like man burdened by the attention span of a goldfish. . . Her character is perpetual motion of mind and body, but he’s also funny in the way an eccentric can be somewhat infuriating to others. Villareal gives Pincus manic characteristics and a fascination for the science behind the project."

-  Indianapolis Theatre Reviews

"The play packs a powerful punch and I was left reeling. . . Arianne Villareal plays the biologist Gregory Pincus with an endearing neurotic earnestness."  -  BroadwayWorld

Arianne Villareal in The Pill, Phoenix Theatre

4000 MILES | Jewish Ensemble Theatre

"Arianne Villareal as Amanda, Leo’s would-be one-night stand who makes us laugh in absurd platform shoes and leaves too soon....Villareal is sultry, suggestive and teasing."

-  Vivian DeGain, The Oakland Press

Arianne Villareal 4000 Miles JET Theatre

SOUTH PACIFIC | Beef & Boards

"Arianne Villareal provides a solid and lovely Liat."
-  Ken Klingenmeier, A Seat on the Aisle

"Perhaps what in the end makes us tear up is the fragility of Liat (Arianne Villareal)...the injured for the sake of perverse ideologies."

-  Rita Kohn, NUVO

Arianne Villareal - South Pacific, Beef and Boards
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